Sunday, January 3, 2016

God's Grace in My Life

I’ve been thinking and praying all this time to encourage my self finishing this writing about my family and I in this blog. I don’t mean to exalt my self and with all my sincere heart I ensure you that this is a real testimony of my life. I feel that I have to share these amazing blessings which God’s already given. I learned that we have to be grateful more and more often from every condition in our life.

My Family
I’m so grateful that I have this family in God’s grace.
I was born in a small town Lubuklinggau in 1991 of both incredible parents. I have four cool brothers. My families are so blessed and happy, although it’s not apart from a heavy and painful process.

My Parent’s wedding
My mother and my father are foreigners. They got married and worked in Indonesia. On the younger age, my mother said that it was hard to survive in Indonesia because they didn’t have civil right, therefore they have to stay in one of the closer relatives and they also have to work as rough labor.
My parent’s wedding was not okay at that time, it was not harmonious due to financial factor and different religion background. My father is tough, he liked to scold my mother and she was always upset trying to be patient through all of that.
My father worked as a helper at the closer relative’s place to fulfill needs. Even though he was poor, he was honest and a hard worker. One day, he was accused as a thief and he had to go out from that place being exiled among relatives. Only my Mom believed in faith that he didn’t do it.